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Reviews for "The Tale of Lambert"

What was the moral of this story? Don't try to do better for yourself or your family or you'll get hit by a drunk driver?

It comes across on the whole as being almost completely pointless...or is that the point entirely, that sometimes pointless things happen?

Rapheus responds:

The moral:
"DonâEUTMt worry about the future; ... The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that
never crossed your worried mind; the kind that blindside you at 4pm
on some idle Tuesday. "

nice film, its quite emotional and touches me quite good :D musik just fitted epicly, although a sader tone of music for the funeral wouldve been better, but nevertheless a "madness" film with ... only 1 casualty yea that works, but your good, keep up the work, like ur style of the real world, hits the nail on the top...

a suggestion would be making the scenes abit scruffier, like in his suit make the tie look scruffy like he had a hard day

just a last question, why the hell is the priest showing 2 thingers?

hope to see more of this, even bad stuff can be tearned into true art :D

Rapheus responds:

Thanks, man! I'm glad it touched you in a non-Sandusky way. Kill count isn't really important to me, I always try to shoehorn a story in.

I should have made him scruffier looking, but I couldn't be arsed.

I guess the priest was wishing 'peace' upon Lambert's soul.

Thanks again, my man! There are dozens of grunts who are yearning to have their stories told.


Why, poor Lambert. You will be in my heart.

Rapheus responds:

As he will forever be in the hearts and minds of all of us. Let his death be not in vain.

Damn. Typo in my last reVIEW I wrote15 minutes ago

I figured: "Why on earth not to review this one too, since it was the last one left I hadn't seen."

(Yeah, I said I had 2-3 left unwatched but noticed it was just this one left. Ah well.)

Music I have heard in Charlie Brown animation before. It was sad there; it was sad here. Poor Lambert. I guess this is what happens to most of the folks in world of Madness. However, I didn't feel "satisfied" finishing the animation, I think it lacked that special something. Just can't put my finger on it... perhaps getting to know the character better before his demise would have helped.

P.S: (Unrelated, kind of) I have been getting into creepypasta and whatnot lately and noticed that, the more innocent and happy the original version of character was, the more creepier is the creepypasta version.
To name a few:
Charlie Brown: mass murderer.
Pinkie Pie: Apparently demon-possessed serial killer with 4th wall breaking abilities etc.
Mickie Mouse: Commits suicide.

(Something that went along these lines)
I was reading these creepypasta things and noticed someone asking in comments:
"Why we must make innocent characters cry?"
Someone replied:
"I guess we all, deep inside, find enjoyment in it."
Makes you think...

Rapheus responds:

This was my goal with this ani. Every madness guy who gets offed probably has a wife or at least friends that look foreword to them coming home each night. Yeah, overly analytic, but heck, this is my world, I can tell the story of whomever I please. And Mad World was my first thought in the way of music.

There were other story boarded scenes, I think, but I watched it through and said 'meh, that's enough'. Must have lost my wind. :P Hey, there are plenty of other back stories I can get into...

Creepypasta? From the looks of it I may definitely want to check into it. Sounds awesome! I can see Charlie Brown as a mass-murderer, easy. Lucy would be the first to go.

Deep inside, we all enjoy a little madness. The consequences, however...

Thanks again for another awesome review! Keep on keepin on, mate!

poor lambert

sad story =(

Rapheus responds:

Tis true. Madness has its consequences..