Reviews for "-Dusk-"

as a mind blowing game

i like the game is very good is awsome that can you rewind and pass to the wall keep up the good work

That's interesting

This was a really cool game because it showed off a world where you could learn from your mistakes. It's the kind of bizarre world that makes you realize your abilities in teh real world. What was bad was that it was pretty hard to keep up with the controls and everything. It's a pretty incomprehensible game, but that adds to its artsiness. While not the most detailed, the graphics are really cool for what they are. I also like the really cool music that give off a good sense of serenity.

I was thinking it would be a game where he would get stronger as the game went along. I guess in a way that did happen in the way he became smarter. It was also cool how you could see a realistic representation of the twilight. I'm surprised you did not label this a puzzle game. It could also go among the experimental genre.

Well crafted but entirely unoriginal

I don't understand why people would go through the trouble to put together a game that is almost a carbon copy of another game and not give credit. The game is well put together and for anyone without any prior knowledge of Braid it's good but for someone who has actually played the game it's pretty much the same thing over again. It's obvious you have the skill to make a great game, so why not try something different instead of living in the shadow of something else? You can use time mechanics without copying text from Braid almost word for word.

That said I think the game would benefit greatly from a different character model and the ability to control how fast or slow you rewind time.

the music really made it intersesting

10/10 it was interesting me whole time.. make more


This game is literally the game Braid. Music, level design, everything