Reviews for "-Dusk-"


Could have been a bit longer though, but it was fun and it kept me entertained the entire time.
People have said its a lot like Braid, while i have never heard of Braid before, i can safely say this is not the first nor second or even third game of this style.
And one person said it stole the black and white from limbo. All i can is, Limbo did not invent black and white. Black and White games have existed long before Limbo.
Everyone is just grasping these games because they are the newest.


its one of the best games i played the song the things that where wrote on the planks well seryously an amazyng game

A shameless rip-off

This shows little evidence of creativity or originality. The bulk of the game -- the time travel mechanic, the music, even the style of the level titles -- are lifted directly from Braid. The only real differences are the puzzles (which are worse) and the stark black-and-white art design (which is itself lifted from another superior indie game, Limbo). I recognize this game took time and effort to make, but if that effort is spent ripping off other people's work without even giving them credit for "inspiring" you, then what's the point?

Very good!

Good music and idia, good levels, i love it :) just if there was more levels people will love it more, but for me that\s inaf. Good job.
P.S. Don't undrestend why people don't love it :/

One of the best games I've ever played

Like others said, this is very similar to Braid (an Xbox Arcade game) and Mofunzone should've mentioned it, but it's still a really good game. I even watched a trailer for Braid and it mentioned "mistakes" like it does here. The maker of this game (Mofunzone.com probably has a lot of people right?) clearly incorporated many parts of Braid into this game.

Anyways, it's a great game if we were not to regard that, and as I haven't personally played Braid I don't mind as much.

~Score: 10~
I'm sure Mofunzone will fix their mistake, and the 10 will be deserved.