Reviews for "-Dusk-"

Flick the switches with control... Rewind time...

White things are not affected... Even most of the levels are very similar. Wow. I agree with GrayWolf, this is braid with a more simple character and less gameplay. Good creation of the game, good music loop, bad rip off of a great game.


I tried to die by the walls that are not time affected, and I just pass through them or something like that O-o and in the ascensor-like thing in the level 5 I stopped time just when it was in that wall and I appeared in the far right XD I cheated that part lol

there is achivements in this game but you didn't add them to newgrounds D:<

and the story, it's just like xGreywolfx says. And that thing about going back in time, it's totally NOT original.

I would give it a 9 if there was achivements and not glitches


after all i got to admit it
this is one awesome game

Hey look everyone its Braid!

Sorry fella but you get no stars for ripping off somebody elses ideas, this is nothing but a poor mans braid, there is not a single original idea in this game whatsoever nor is there anything resembling a story apart from a few emo lines about "how it would be great if we could erase our mistakes" which I assume were put there simply to give the illusion that this game has more depth than it actually has.

I am not trying to be an arse here but there is nothing in this game that really stands out as being original or new. From a technical standpoint the game is solid however there needs to be something behind it, an interesting new gameplay mechanic or a cleverly woven story, something that makes this game stand out.

But that being said I will give you 1 star because the music was kind of nice.

Really god

This is a really good game, keeping me entertained throughout the whole game. It could have been longer though.