Reviews for "Morphemon Duelists Ep.2"

I'm bookmarking this.

I mean...half an hour is a tad bit long for a "on the go" kind of thing.
But nevertheless, great job on the length!

No but seriously, I'm gonna have to watch this later. It's cool to have a long, "real" cartoon for a change.

...damn...26 minutes man...just damn

dare I say it?

yes, this is better than girl chan in paradise.

WAY BETTER in fact. So much more time and effort was put into this and it shows. The actions have better poses, and the characters look better. A lot of the humor was just in the visuals, if I couldn't understand english, I'd still really enjoy this. The animation was smooth too. The jokes were really funny too. This is fantastic.

Best of all, this was a production you made yourself. It has your voices, your work, your everything. It should be a fantastic feeling for you. Congratulations on completing this masterpiece. I hope you continue making stuff.


Please do continue this series. Its SO funny!
I only wish that there were multiple voices....

Well done

I usually don't sit through animations on Newgrounds that are this long but I noticed how much time you put into making it so I figured I'd watch it. For doing this thing entirely yourself I must say Kudos to you man. Animation isn't the best but I'm sure you learned a lot over the years making this. You also did very well at switching up the voices, enough so that each person can genuinely be told apart and be unique. I hope to see you make more of these and I look forward to seeing what you are capable of.

i can't ...

i can't stop watching this is so cool :D