Reviews for "Morphemon Duelists Ep.2"


...Just.. 2006. I just had such a flashback when I did see this in the flash portal.
Looks just amazing. And I like how you give the characters some background.
Nice blend of fun and some sad, with just a hint of perv (you know what I mean)

Hope to see a part 3 ( But not in 5 years ;)

PiGPEN responds:

10 maybe?

That was genius

You're a genius.


To Sabreguy: This is supposed to be funny. he did it in a way that he thought would be humorous and it was. Im sorry its not michael bay standard.

PiGPEN: Is this based off of the Rumble Robots craze? it was robots battling with cardswiping in the back of their heads. I found this very funny. I was into everything from this: pokemon, Digimon, and rumble robots if thats what it was. i love this.

PiGPEN responds:

Never heard of Rumble Robots before *google* damn, they were making Phallimon's before i could even animate!
My favorite proxy battle shows are Digimon1&3 and Medabots.
So the concept comes from mashing aspects of those together.


what the fuck did I just watch?!?! That reminded me of flcl, and confused me just about the same. Cool thou.

back to class, hippie!

this is one of the funniest things on here, don't give up on it