Reviews for "Morphemon Duelists Ep.2"


Cool jokes, and I have to respect anyone with the patience to make a 30-min flash.

Well done

I usually don't sit through animations on Newgrounds that are this long but I noticed how much time you put into making it so I figured I'd watch it. For doing this thing entirely yourself I must say Kudos to you man. Animation isn't the best but I'm sure you learned a lot over the years making this. You also did very well at switching up the voices, enough so that each person can genuinely be told apart and be unique. I hope to see you make more of these and I look forward to seeing what you are capable of.

This is why im on newgrounds

i dont know why is this flash so under rated, its the greatest flash on newgrounds.
Good job!!




very funny, i want a bicurious shirt too!