Reviews for "Morphemon Duelists Ep.2"

Way to underscored

Honestly at first it seems like random humor but the whole cartoon is put together really well, with lots of characters with their own sort of personality and background. The animation is well done as well, a proper spoof on modern anime IMO. The music you made was also rather enjoyable =D.
The detention hall looks just like the one from Breakfast Club also xD.

The only way I can see to improve is perhaps more shadows, then people besides me will vote 5 more often maybe IDK.

40 megs and half an hour too much...

The animation reminds me of Bevis and Butthead, only those two made me laugh once.


my taxes pay for night stick you son of a bitch lmao im sooo yelling that at the cops

sick epicness.

man i love this flash man keep up the epic work.

It's great!

I like this kind of humor, and even though you did all the voices yourself they were pretty varied and good, you even changed the accents, well done! (however I have no idea how the bi-curious kid had an english accent when both his parents speak american english). Apart from some really senseless things (like the random pig dude bringing the car with a tow in the end for apparently no reason) it was well thought out (and after 5 years one would expect it too anyway!). Some jokes were priceless, like the yuri kiss, the various names for the well-endowed black man, and L from Death Note in the middle of the spectator crowd.

I would beg you to make this into a series but if you take 5 years to do another episode I will have forgotten. So I'm off to watch episode 1.

Voted 5 and favorited! Your hard work payed off!