Reviews for "Morphemon Duelists Ep.2"

The Collective Nosebleed

I loved how when everyone in class saw them kiss, it was like "*staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare* then *COLLECTIVE NOSEBLEED!!!!!!!*

Very different from the original.

i both like and dislike the new animation style.
the new, more relaxed animation gives some much needed fluidity. what i don't like about it is that it's TOO fluid. The humor-based mutations are, frankly, annoying. It would be much better if their faces could stay the same general shape. It makes you seem like you're ripping off egoraptor.
On to the flip side, you're now making many more camera angles than just the two or three that you had before, and there are many more facial expressions and the like, plus the lines are no longer THICK AS BRICKS. Also, I liked some of your voices for the characters, but (and in the 5 years you probably already have) i generally prefer the voices from ep.1.
Humor is still good (according to the internet) as ever and i like that you fleshed out everyone's personality. I really prefer Kit's new voice and personality to before. I also like how much better the morphemon are animated, although i miss cookie's chin/neck hair spikes.
overall 5/5, 9/10

PiGPEN responds:

I miss Cookie's neckbeard too but it was too hard to do it freehand and keep him cute. Let's just say he shaved it.

I don't even

All I got was Gurren Lagann references. Laughed to preserve my sanity.
It was probably pretty good... my head...

Yeah. Liked characters, sounds, art worked well... Uhm... I don't think I'll ever truly understand this. Either random sillyness or genius - and I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. 10/10 good sir!

Way to underscored

Honestly at first it seems like random humor but the whole cartoon is put together really well, with lots of characters with their own sort of personality and background. The animation is well done as well, a proper spoof on modern anime IMO. The music you made was also rather enjoyable =D.
The detention hall looks just like the one from Breakfast Club also xD.

The only way I can see to improve is perhaps more shadows, then people besides me will vote 5 more often maybe IDK.

40 megs and half an hour too much...

The animation reminds me of Bevis and Butthead, only those two made me laugh once.