Reviews for "Morphemon Duelists Ep.2"

Original in a sense...

If you count randomness always being original. It made me laugh at some times, and the story wasn't that hard to follow through unless your going in expecting everything to make logical sense. If you don't dwell to much on the things that don't make sense you'll get through it. The fact that it was clever and witty makes you (or me at least) realize that this wasn't made by a bored newgrounder with an easy sense of humor.

I also highly respect that you've held through since 2006

I did enjoy it, seriously!

Wow, it's amazing to know how you came up with all this over that long of a period, aside from the animating. I remember seeing the other episodes before this, and you really have come a ways from animating, no doubt. Not to dwell off subject, but it does remind me of FLCL with its humor and initial random moments - that's what I entirely love about animations. Your style is awesome.

And the music. You seem really amazing with the guitarist's help, including your vocals and your collaboration with it. Also, your voice acting is wild. I can't believe you were able to do all the characters, even after trying to rally up people to fill in roles (I'm sure it was a hassle, and I'm just starting to get into it).

It's a friggin flabbin rocking thing you stayed dedicated to this to make it, given the time you had off of it. I just don't see how this is so underrated, but then again, everyone has their opinions... Stick to it, man, and I'll be glad to check out your other works!

Great fun and good parody of sat morn animes but..

it feels like youve taken a 5 minute idea and stretched it out IN ORDER for it to better parody those 30 minute animes. while half was thoroughly entertaining, i was bored shitless for the other half. the flashback scenes usually lacked a punchline, and two were jarring transitions from the fun cock joke filled atmosphere... seriously, i have no idea what posessed you to showhorn a 3 minute long story about how a kid is abused by his alchoholic father into a funny as hell parody show like this. It just feels like you have no idea what you want to do with this idea; is it an homage to digimon? is it a parody? is it a cock and sex joke filled romp? is it a super serious cartoon that reflects your own values, thoughts, experiences, feelings and emotions? sure it can be multiple or all of these things, but the show had no pacing and no transition. its a very clever interpretation of saturday morning anime, and the animation was unique and pretty humorous, but youve gone beyond what i thought was meant to be a parody and now i have no idea what i'm watching. it is ambivolant, undecided, a muddle of childish and clever, and this is besides the fact that the story went absolutely nowhere. also, by constantly referring to the morphemon as toys you're dehumanizing the funniest characters.

dont get me wrong, i loved this, but it wasnt as good as i was expecting when i saw 'morphemon 2' on the frontpage. its funny and clever, but i still finished it confused and wanting.


what the fuck did I just watch?!?! That reminded me of flcl, and confused me just about the same. Cool thou.


ah umm yeah... ummm hmmm.. nmm
well you got the point