Reviews for "Morphemon Duelists Ep.2"


that was pretty worth my 30 mins. good job

... Oh dear lawd.

That was the best thing ever. Even compared to everything made by like huge companies. This is just the best animation that has ever been made in the history of everything that has ever been made. And I am actually serious. I don't know how I can give anything better than a 10 (and a 5) but if I could I would. Where is your paypal? I must donate. Fuck. Shit. This. Is just. So good.

PiGPEN responds:

Gimme dat moneys, go purchase album!

a hahaha ha

crappy animation but voice acting was on point.. it had wut every perverted anime has, panties showing on underage girl, big boob chicks with varying physics, perverted situations that only happen in 13 year old minds, and of course u just had to put in tentacles... hahaha not in to anime but this is one hell of an anime!!


The fact that EVERYTHING was done by you is deserving of a ten alone!
But all of the cliches... This thing was practically a satire! XD
Oh my god, I've seen people try to satire Anime before (I dont want to name drop, but Egoraptor ring any bells?) but this by FAR captured the humor of the genre.
Great job man, top notch. If there was any way to give more than a five, and rate higher than a ten, I would.
The music sounded... Well... AMAZING considering you did it yourself. (minus 2)
The voices were alright, I just wish your actors came through for you.
And the story... Well... Kept ME entertained, that's for damn sure! :D
Fantastic Job over all.
Oh, and Pick up Some smokes while you're out.

yea i like it

but i hope to see more voice actors in the future all ur girls sound the same