Reviews for "Ricks Minecraft Tales"


This is incredibly true random death shit load of those exploding dicks

Based on a true History

of an Regular Minecraft Player

hate to break it to ya

sorry man but i saw a couple copies on youtube so thought i should let ya know though i stumbled across them they may be able to be found

Pretty nice animation, it made me laugh even though its short but still, it's pretty good and funny

first:La la la WHAT wha the fu- smack X4 BOOM uhhhh Doh stupid stone ! DIAMOND Cha-Ching Break open OH SHI- blooooosh! Huh MY CASTLE! What CREEPERS NOOOOOO! So Long chicky puts in boat huuuuuuuuuu BOOM AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! so epic my FAV Castle Creeper Please make more!