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Reviews for "Getting Noticed"

Overall decent

I'm noticing a kind of black, American Eddsworld thing going on here. Make the shoulders smoother. And polish up the animation, but it was overall pretty good. Oh, and get a new mic, too.

MegaJamesStudios responds:

my mic is fine. I just need to know how to export good quality with .swf files.


Wow second animation and it's pretty great, had a funny little gag to it with the singing I liked it. Keep practicing.

cant wait to see more

this rly felt more original than some of the other animations ive seen. i rly liked the way you animated the movements, and it was nice to watch the expressions of the eyes. the ending was hilarious.
the only thing that bugged me was when the girl gets captrued and he leaves the wait was just a little bit too long when she changed her expression. and ofcourse the audio could be improved but your comments say you already noted this.
other than that great work!!! im excited to see more animations from you.

Nice Video


This is really cool. The graphics, animation, and audio/video synch was great. The singing wasn't too bad, either.

Got a chuckle at the ending. He didn't realize that she was captured, and she was making all those weird faces. Although she could have at least "hinted" to help her out, heh. Then, he blames her for standing him up, lol.

Regarding the audio problem: I presume you're using Flash CS3, CS4, or CS5. Have you tried changing the Audio options on the Flash tab of the in the Publish settings dialog?