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Reviews for "Sundans - Hopeless Romantic"

Ive listened to this about a dozen times and counting. This is pretty epic. 5 stars for sure. Great mixdown.


Is it ok for me to use this song in my animation?

Sundans responds:

As long as you credit me, absolutely. :)

Oh, yes. This is the good stuff.


Sundans responds:

Glad you like my work! :)

I really think you should continue to make music and let yourself get better because I see a lot of potential here. Your sounds are really nice. You asked for constructive criticism, and the only thing I can say needs improvement is some of the volumes on your tracks. The punchiness of your beat is there. Maybe another rundown through your mixer tracks would make this song sound really spectacular. However, there isn't any reason why you couldn't drop this in a club and get people dancing. Especially when the beat goes halftime. That shit is sick.

Sundans responds:

Thank you! I do intend to continue producing. I will certainly review the mixing of the track and try to improve the levels. Thank you! :)