Reviews for "LabScape"


Impressive new style of puzzle :D It was really fun and it had great physics.

you made me think!

usually games like this require only timing and accuracy. you added thought. well done my friend. make another.


its quite a cool game and a good graphic.
there is a glitch i would want to say,that there is a way to make more rectangle/circle above of the limitation for the amount of rectangle and circle you can have which enable people to somehow cheat their ways to another level.

royalin responds:

Glad you enjoyed it :)
Glitch is fixed.


a really nice puzzle game, a little short but good.
there are just two things i want to mention:
if you want to replay a level, you need to play through all again, something like a level select would be nice, but because you dont have 42 or more its not necessary.
also there is a little glitch, if you dont press the button, the lab explodes anyway, which is kind of strange

royalin responds:

Thanks for the 10 and interesting comments :)
Glitch is fixed.


i finished the game in an hour but dang this was very puzzling and fun

royalin responds:

Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the 10!