Reviews for "LabScape"


the physics arent great 4 example wen u move the giant ball over the switch u have to push it instead of lean 4word like it most games


It's more than I could ever put together, that's for sure, but when comparing this to other puzzle platformers, there isn't much here to keep me interested. Getting to the end doesn't feel rewarding and the visual/audio combination only makes each level feel that much more tedious and not worth the time to play.


me gusta definitivamente me gusta!!


fun game...quite an original idea

Nice physics

Really nice physics. And yeah, level selection would be nice.
I've expected a little longer ending movie, especially when you blow up the lab.
Quick button for delete figures would be great as well, for placing them.
Also it shouldn't happen - when I plot the blueprint - already existing piece collaps. It should only collapse when I actually place anything. Maybe make a different counter for blueprints, so you can make no more than "x" blueprints and having "x" object in the real at the same time.