Reviews for "LabScape"

simple game, simply cool :)

it has simple grafics, a well elaborate gravity, and the music is very impressive, it really gets u in the game, and has a good difficulty.

well done :D

Fun Game, Surprising...Easy?!?

Maybe it's because I've been playing a few other challenging games both here and on my computer the past few days, but I don't see the difficulty others are talking about here. Yes, you can die a lot, but there's a lot of leeway in some of the most difficult puzzles (like the water one) precisely b/c of the physics and that you can scale the platforms to a lot of different sizes. Personally I liked the tamer level of challenge, but seeing how this game is set up a lot like games like I Wanna Be The Guy, Super Meat Boy and this site's own Hazmat!-which are all very heiniously difficult games-I thought this would be more like that.

Even so, it's a very fun game and given my mouse is very finicky, it says something for the mouse controls if even I can get by mostly smoothly using the antiquated one I have (it's a Logitech mouse from, what, about '98 or so x3; no trackball fortunately). The levels make relatively good use of the platform creation mechanic and it's a nice twist when one of the levels required you to solidify the platform mid-jump (I think that's the level where there's a beaker bottle under and to the left of the platform near the far right w/ the door right on it, one of the earlier ones). I wished there were more levels w/ that sort of thought.

For a sequel I'd recommend more levels, a selectable difficulty setting, and maybe even a level creator mode. And for the levels, maybe the ones for the easier difficulty could be structured differently than the ones on the harder one, like emphasizing multiple screens rather than everything happening on one screen (that could be saved for the harder levels) and giving a life limit on the easier difficulties, just depending on how you approached it all.

Again, quite fun game :)

I'd love to see more. :D

Very fun, addictive, and rage-inducing game. It's kind of funny because yesterday I rage-quit at the last level, not knowing it was the last level, and then I came back today and beat it on my first try...-___-

Anyways, great game and I hope to see a part two! :D

ocd: Obsessive-compulsive disorder

so I OCD-like replayed the game, and collected all the thingies, and all I got was a different building at the endgame picture... FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU


good fun and certainly one of the most infuriating games ive played for a while.
one thing i did notice, a few levels ccould be beat without having to do everything that you had laid out for us. for example the level with the water, ice block and swinging platform didn't need the block of platform to beat it.
would be nice if there was a quick dump button that would place the blocks back in that you used last time in blue print format, then all you would need to do is double click them, as some levels were a real ball ache having to replace blocks every time i died.