Reviews for "Skinny"

Very high quality flash

That's all there is to say

i finished it

toke m2 hours (my IQ is below average at 2am) and these game is amazing, i could have broke this computer once or twice because of the difficulty in puzzles, but i did it, i love this man!


nice game but three batteries in mamas chambers i was expectin like 10 or somethin

Very interesting

Loved it! The art was both adorable and cool, and well done.
I definitely want to know more of the story too.

Simply beautiful

I loved coma, and now I love skinny. You have such a wonderful perspective, its amazing. The back rounds in both games a awe inspiring, and the message the both of the portray is something we can all learn from. I cannot wait for your next creation. Keep up the great work!! :D