Reviews for "Skinny"

This game is unique, original, and it has it all: atmospheric music, intriguing story, very neat main character. I love the game. By the way, you can check out my Let's Play of Skinny by seaching SausageOnFire Skinny Let's play on YouTube! :~)

This is a really cool game for people who are bored. =D

Great game, it was a really long time that i didn't play a game like this. The music and sounds are pretty good, the only thing is that in wall-jump it is a little tricky but not impossible.

My compliments!

Skinny is actually one of my favorite games. I just love everything about it.. like how the sounds and how it fits with the background and setting surrounding Skinny. My favorite content of the game are the backgrounds and areas that are being used for every part. This game is just wonderful, and i would never get tired of playing it over and over again.

A beautiful game.
Loved every second playing it.
A land mark in my mind.
Great work, I'm impressed.