Reviews for "Skinny"

Great sounds, The mysterious storyline and the hidden items that give away some clues about it also adds to the game's mysterious atmosphere, also the gameplay mechanics is good and overall a fun game to play.

The whole time I was thinking, "I'm not a part of your system" in Andy Samberg's voice.

Good game, the puzzles where sometimes a bit hard to figure out, arrow keys did not work for me and as far as instructions go, press ''over'' was probably one of the least helpful I ever got. I can't say I liked the grapple (the time it takes gets really frustrating when you miss al the time) and the graphics, while perfect for setting the mood where sometimes confusing as to where you can and can not jump against. Apart from that I really loved it. The ending is a bit of a shame though.
All in all the story was well done and you really managed to get the player to follow the thoughts of the main character, you learn things at the same pace, not in some games where you know your being bs'ed but have to keep going to further the story. A great experience.

And as for the meaning of the game, obvious spoiler alert, I think ''the system'' refers to society, the 9-5 job etc etc system. We grown-ups are trapped in it and convince each other that if we don't, bad things happen (like the cancers), children are not part of the system though, and are very happy for it.

Mamma must then be a personification of the system, posing as a nurturing, protective being with only our best interest in mind (a mother, easy to realize if you know mamma is Dutch for mommy) if we want to disobey that just shows our ignorance.

by stealing the battery's (maybe symbolic for TV and other forms of mass entertainment) people are forces to experience the real world, good and bad. The responses vary. In the end you follow the children's wisdom and tear down the system. Forcing everybody to wake from a pleasant dream to a less pleasant, but much more rewarding reality.

Id like to hear weather or not I was anywhere close with this theory of mine.

Really good game, enjoyed it very much, thank you.