Reviews for "Skinny"

I love this game, played it through many times, you should make another one. great game

I actually liked the visual even more than the audio. The game worked fluently for me, the story wasn't too original, but done in a cool way - I liked how everyone wanted to stay in the system so badly they were afraid of the fresh air.. But I was a little disappointed by the abrupt ending, I expected something more to come after entering the last part. But playing Skinny was a great experience, and I liked the little nods to COMA.

Gorgeous, fun, but stopped responding for some reason when I found Hidden Item #2. The music and animation still work, but he won't respond to the mouse or keyboard at all.

Very interesting, I am eagerly awaiting a sequel!

when i saw this when searching "internet" on newgrounds i thought the person in the picture was slenderman