Reviews for "Skinny"


Its OK but that fun


Sometimes the floor pads were buggy. The secret items were a little to easy to find. Still a 5/5 10/10 though. Loved the atmosphere and music so great job sir!

Great game, only one fault

Game play is good, kinda creepy atmosphere...the only thing that lets the game down in the complete lack of an actual ending; anti-climax if ever there was one. 9/10


gwasemic is a mix out great, awesome and epic.

to get to the secret items you need the keys, they are hanging above you, in the level where you can find a secret item, then search/find the doors with a lock.

A Masterpiece in the making

This game was amazing, however the was one simple draw back. IT WAS TOOO SHORT!!! Unless this game is a series it will be rated much lower. Add on and give us more!