Reviews for "Skinny"

I really liked the concept as well as the artwork but the glitching made it near impossible to get anything done.

I liked it better than Coma. The sprite was bigger, I especially loved the swinging arms (they added much to the personality of the robot) and the slo-mo grappling hook. The story was more exciting, had more logic and easier to understand. I enjoyed the dark and loomy setting, reminded me in a good way of Limbo, in particular the spiders and the legs of mama spider. A good surprising ending, although I was sad I could not confront mama boss spider.

I like the game.. Not as good as Coma.. I ran into numerous bugs.. Like glitching through walls and getting stuck jumping over and over again.. But a good game nonetheless.

This is a good game, spiritual sucessor to Coma indeed. The game's atmosphere is very intriguing.
There should be more games like this.

The story is very similar to coma's, but that's ok because this is something like a sequel. The artwork is even better. The music is good but could be better.