Reviews for "Skinny"

Very nice. Good challenge. Art and Sound/Music are great.

Ugh. The ending.. gosh... the ending.. I wanna cry. It hit the feels too early in the morning. Amazing game. SO so so so amazing.

the story-line seems ok, but all the bugs shown above are still showing but thats probably cause I'm using a mac, I'm using safari btw.

"Both ASWD and Arrow Keys will work"

Sorry for giving you a shitty rating, but I prefer arrow keys over ASWD, so I was happy when you included that... But it doesn't work. AT ALL. Thanks a lot.

The gameplay is glitchy and it does not suceed as a platformer, but the storyline is awesome and the artwork... is twice as awesome. It pleases my eyes every second i play it, and that makes up for all the gameplay problems.