Reviews for "Skinny"

Such a beautiful game!!! I loved it! Wasn't too long, so I was able to play it through rather quickly, but I still had a fun time playing it! Some wall jumps were "kinda" glitchy/buggy etc. , but it still performed well enough for me to to be able to not spend too much time on an obstacle.
Found the hidden items too ^_^ Man, this was really pretty :)

I just read the bug/ update report and I can't use the arrow keys. I mean, WASD is fine, I'm just wondering if it's the site or my pc. Now to continue the game

I sighed in relief once I got done. The game play wasn't the smoothest but I enjoyed the game overall. The art style was cute but I didn't like that it seemed to just cut off at the very end so I can't really say for sure what the is about but it seems to be that these people let their fear get the better of them and were all part of some Cult that thought the earth was radiated. Anyway, this women Mama uses some kind of Matrix tech and creates paradise on earth that is actually a device to enslave them. The story seems pretty straightforward but I can't be sure because it lacked an ending.

Got stuck down finding a battery, cant get back up bc theres no globes :////

Spoiler:The hidden items are a reference of another game made by the same person. The last one reveals what happened at the ending of that game.