Reviews for "Skinny"

An excellent addition to Thomas Brush's collection of works. It's understandable why this game won best audio, as it perfectly conveys what is happening and even influenced how I felt during the course of the game. The art style is very close to Coma, but is still distinct enough to be original. I love this game, and I'm fully aware that I will find myself playing this again in the future.

I fully agree with thebodyH20 this game had a great start and i expected much since ComA was such a brilliant game with a beautiful story. Skinny does many things right and i was looking forward to the conclusion of this game. Sadly, I am not satisfied with the ending and your storytelling, it feels like you began to rush towards the end, without an AHA-effect like I had in ComA. Other than that, great game and I'm looking forward to your future projects :)

The meaning behind the game? I think it's that through struggle, you find the truth, but you don't get it while relaxing at a beach in virtual reality =).

Overall really awesome game (not like i could ever make anything like this). When I saw that it was made by the same person who made COMA, I thought, "This is going to be a good game (pats self on back)". That game was more touching than this one IMO, but this one was definitely longer. I also liked the way you included spiders as enemies to make it more scary. The only thing I would change if, you know, I could make computer games, would be to make some parts of the level more meaningful to the story. In coma, the people you encounter seem to be saying something of what the person's real life was like. I know there was sort-of that same progression with the dialogue you get from Felix and the people in chairs, and from the annoying screaming girl who's name I can't remember. However, the story, at least as I got it, seemed less original than in COMA.

All that long-windily said, 4.5/5 stars. Another really awesome game that made me feel better. Thanks!

Best game that ive ever played in a long time :)

all my 5 star are belong to this