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Reviews for "Zombie Break-in"

Good, but could be so much better

It is just like call of duty: zombies, but you should make your own game, don't copy others. The graphics are bad(like everyone said) try to make it better. And losing all your guns suck if you die. Just try to make your own game next time. Overall: Pretty fun to play, you should never die in this game(if you don't want to lose everything), make levels(staying in the same place gets boring), and fix the graphics.

Good concept, OK gameplay, not so good graphics.

The gameplay is pretty good, though losing everything and having to start over is a bit... troublesome. The concept is good- it was pretty fun to play. The graphics were not that good. You should try to improve them.

Alright Game


Gameplay and design
- Overall game play is ok, and as there is no end, it gets a bit monotonous.
- I didn't find the grenades of much use. Perhaps a larger blast radius to offset their lack of accuracy. Early in the game, I found the shotgun was most useful, and later, it was the Lupara II, followed by the M60. Most of the other weapons weren't much use. Melee needs some more upgrades. The sword just doesn't cut it after a while (no pun intended).
- Game felt a but punishing when you die. Player could be in big trouble if they are far in the game then get killed, lose all their stuff, and don't have much money. Consider at least letting the player keep the weapons.
- I do like how the player heals on his own, and there is no need to worrk about picking up health packs.
Needs more enemy types.
- Is the super health and durability items supposed to help you last longer? If so, it doesnt seem like it. :\
- Pause and mute options were a good idea.
- In addition to a manual reload, consider having the player's character reload automatically, when ammo is exhausted.
- You should add a screen that explains what the items do. Some of them are easy to figure out, while others, not so much.
- Consider, adding sounds for item pickup, taking damage, dying, killing zombies, and opening doors. It gets monotonous just listening to guns and clicks.
- Would like to see a speed power-up to increase my character's movement speed.

Graphics and audio
- The background "hum" was a nice, subtle touch. If the game had some tune, I would have suggested that the music and sounds can be muted separately, but the hum is cool. (:
- Regarding the graphics:
1) find free graphics online;
2) if you made these, beef up your drawing skills; or
3) find yourself an artist to collab with (or a better artist)

- The sound of the Browning and M60 is too loud. So loud that it's clipping.

- Consider adding the arrow keys for movement for left-handed players. I'm right-handed, so WASD keys work better for me, but I'm sure lefties might like using arrow keys.

Other notes
- The HUD elements should not interfere with in-game play. In other words, when I click the Q icon to change quality, my character shouldn't be firing a shot.
- Collision is a bit glitchy. Sometimes, my character gets stuck around the edges of doors / opened passages, where it looks like nothing is blocking him. You can duplicate this by walking diagonally against the first a closed door to the left.

Cool game, just remove the gauntlet-style play, and add some variety and balance the gameplay a little more.

- Ziro out.


This game is very fun!

I would love if this game was bigger, had more levels, and more ridiculous weapons!

Very fun to play!

If you want music for your projects, contact me! I would love to compose for games like this!

Great job on this one!

Happy composing!