Reviews for "Villainy - P.I. #2"

That's good

To be honest, the animation wasn't the best there ever is.
And do you know what? It doesn't really matter one bit...
The quality of the script and audio more then made up for it!

Now that was weird

For a teaser, this was still really good. Even at the beginning, you started off with a bunch of jokes as there was his description that make a nice sex joke. What was also funny was how good the animation in this was. It's cool to see just how every muscle and body movement is just so well animated and merges to make something funny. I really had no idea this was going to take such a dark turn, with how he admitted to killing the children.

It was a bit hard to understand the main joke, but then I went and read the author's comments. I really should read those first more. It seems like a great setup to a new series because I would love to see these insane characters interact with each other. The voices are fantastically done as well. Nice to give a heads up on how the series would be different.


...is he a relative of Guldo from the Ginyu force?


that is hilarious... he answered but he ignored him... lol. i can't wait for the real thing...

Great just like the first

Great I cannot wait for the Villany movie to be done. I dont think I would like to have those cops in charge of the precinct where I live lol. Hope to see more great work