Reviews for "Villainy - P.I. #2"

Argh... i hate these guys...

the repeditive cops... oh how i hate them.... you answer their questions, they ask you again so you will word it exactly as he says it... ITS ANSWERED ALREADY.

great job

as usaual so keep it up and i cant wait for ep1 so ye keep it up

This is goooood

cant wait for the first episode. You pretty much nailed the expressions. The coughing gave it a plus :) Im kinda jealous actually. Good stuff dude!


This is awesome!!! Im sad that his voice will be different in the series, i thought that was perfect in every way. I loved all of it, it seemed very realistic, like how he coughed before looking at the picture. I love the cops voice, i feel like this is an accurate tone and slang that a city cop would have. Reminds me of "The Departed". I loved the cops ending line, "I have so many questions!" hahaha. Good job on this!

man i hate cop shows..

I really hate cop/ crime shows like law and order and dick headed cops carrying on with an over the top voice. This seems to be making fun of that and so i really enjoyed it. Good job :) and expressionism. Truly a keeper :D