Reviews for "Villainy - P.I. #2"

Funny in a smart way. Commendable when most videos here are funny in dumb way.

It's funny because whenever he holds his breath, time stops. Since you hold your breath when you speak, the officer does not hear him because he stops time before he talks. Very funny and Jacob Snow is a very creative character

I have SO many f*cking questions.

Not as funny as the last one, but still hilarious.

hahaha thats so awesome!! For some reason the interrogator's voice reminds me of DiCaprio's haha! Have my stars!

If that was the case, then he shouldn't have been able to talk perfectly fine with Seymour, the lady who lost her dog, the trick-or-treaters or Death.
If you noticed, time only stops while he's holding his breathe, after the intake. Time immediately resumes on the out-breath. When one talks, they're breathing out, so time does not freeze for him while he's talking.
He has the be holding his breath for time to be frozen. If it was either the intake or out, then he would be constantly involuntarily freezing time.
The cop is just an idiot. That's why it's funny.