Reviews for "Mike Shadow I paid for it"


D:! nooooo....!!!!
my game u.u! lost u.u!!!
but... good game xD
i like the water and fire animation :B!!!
10*-* because i play this game for... 1 week :B

Pretty good...

First of all, rearranging abilities is a real pain, since you have to remove everything and reallocate every time you want to change the move order. Why can't you click and drag them around on the bar?
Secondly, there is no "queue". You can't click an ability while another is being used, so you're forced to frantically click on the next move you want to use.
Now my hand's been in horrible pain for the last 9 hours.


This really is a good idea for a game, singular and crazy, I like it! Everything is realized in a good way. A way to take 5/5 10/10? That's easy. You see i'm kind of a lazy guy and I immediately found one thing that really annoyed me... There's only a way to select actions... clicking them. I would have enjoyed this game even more if I could select them simply by using numbers, something like 1=punch, 2=kick and so on... Yeah i know i'm a pain in the ass but i can't do nothing about it.
5/5 - 9/10


Never Should a simple internet game be this EPIC!! Love this cant stop coming back must unlock Everything \../^_^\../


I've been playing this for the last 3 hours! Truly great game!!!