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Great game!

"Mike Shadow"

I think u should make more games with that character.
Anyways great game

It's Amazing

This game is AMAZING!!!!!!!!

A Mature-Rated Vending Machine Slaughtering Game?

At first glance, I figured, "yeah, yet another one of those 'incremental progress' games where you repeat something over and over and get a little new bonus here, another bonus there, based on how well you conduct some kind of juggling routine." In this case, whoever has played an MMO game will know the interface and cool-down concepts displayed here. Tanoku's take on the concept is satisfying, but if you're asking for a quick, effortless play-through, make no mistake: "Mike Shadow, I Paid for It" is a long, grueling ordeal. Casual players might think it gets dull since the proper way to advance is obscured beneath the countless options available. In other words, the game's boasting of its own features threaten to overwhelm or stupefy an audience who thought beating a vending machine to death was meant to be simple. I agree. How complicated must it really be to destroy a tacky, impersonal machine?

We start with Mike Shadow, a stick figure looking for a quick, refreshing fix. When the machine eats his quarter, he will invoke the horrors of the apocalypse to obtain his revenge. Your mission is to play a juggling game; each technique deals a certain number of hits with a fixed critical hit chance that will double damage. As his patience drops, you must hit the buttons in succession just as the attack animation concludes (use the gauge below the action as an additional indicator) so you prevent him from losing all his patience just by hanging out. Use the correct combination of techniques with proper timing to maximize the efficiency of your aggressions, dealing the most number of moves and the most amount of damage before your patience wears thin. Special Bonus techniques are available when your anger peaks. As you strike the machine, cash may fall out; use this stuff to "purchase" new techniques, improved stats, and even special effects to ensure you deal even more damage over time. Upgrade your original miniscule powers with greater ones, and so on.

What makes this game tricky is knowing where to invest the cash whenever you do acquire some. Aside of certain minor milestones that grant bonus money, you really have to wonder which ones do the most. I recommend players invest in both Critical Strike and Money Chance statistics as they become available. Trust me: you'll be doing yourself a favor. It can get tedious if you don't expedite the material rewards here, because the game has this vicious tendency not to cater to the casual crowd.

The payoff for your trouble, however, is getting to see Mr. Shadow get utterly over-the-top on this machine. It's not a bloody, bloody episode, even though it is brutality in general (against an inanimate object? Not necessarily tantamount to deviancy), although there are some humorous cinemas between your attempts which feature everything from zombies getting slaughtered (probably the reason behind the "M" rating) to just utter strangeness and coolness. Tack on a slick hardcore metal soundtrack and you have the workings of a technically plush game. Too bad the game contains premium features exclusive to Mochigames... another one of those practices that feels more like catering to a business interest or a watermark that proves your stuff must now belong to somebody else. If I were one of these flash game designers, I'd take greater ownership over my work and distribute all features of a game no matter what site it is presented. There are better, less manipulative ways to generate traffic for a site.

Mike Shadow looks like an actual contender among stick figure characters like Johnny Rocketfingers or Fancy Pants Man, as though he could become a main character in a whole series of games, not just this one. With the way he fights, he could teach all those Xiao Xiao imitators a lesson. "Mike Shadow, I Paid for It" is funny and stylish enough to warrant the character to reappear in other games. And if you get past the initial slow, slow pace of this game, maybe you'd agree. Or maybe you're too busy venting your frustrations out on the miracles of modern technology!


I Love this game. <3