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Reviews for "Days of Monsters"

Love it

It's got all the stuff I love in a game: customization, destruction, a bit of comedy, and the chance to be the bad guy and smash the giant robot hero. There are three minor reasons I'm holding back a 10: we have to go to another site for info about the monster parts, there aren't enough monster parts, and there isn't a part 2 out yet. Well, those are kind of minor... all right, I'll hand over the 10. But you're really twisting my arm here. Seriously, maybe an update with more monster parts? Maybe a few more cities to crush? Please? I'll be your best friend.

ahhh yes

its like the flash version of rampage for the ps1, this is giving me a nostalgia boner

i love taking over the world ^^

nice and very enjoyable game to play, big monster + upgrade part + destroying town + kill lots of ppl + conquering world , what more does this game need? ^^
although the ending kindda dissapointing, but i think it suits the game....is there gonna be a sequel? i hope so

Yeah! Im very bad!

I destroy my own city, yeah!!!
Great music, fantastic style. I feel that im playing a santo's movie... Just great

like it ok

the monsters remind me of monster movies like godzilla