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Reviews for "Days of Monsters"

Not bad.

It's pretty good, but I found it difficult to keep the monster under control. That's why I give it a 7/10.


looks like mo got a lotta junk in his house.

great game

it was a really good game but i had to refresh the page 8 times

i love taking over the world ^^

nice and very enjoyable game to play, big monster + upgrade part + destroying town + kill lots of ppl + conquering world , what more does this game need? ^^
although the ending kindda dissapointing, but i think it suits the game....is there gonna be a sequel? i hope so

Revenge is Sweet!

Who knew useing a giant chicken to distroy the worlds greatest citys could be so much fun, the one problem is that everything is to cheap. If you made a second and fixed that, it would be great!

9/10 Review Stars, 5/5 Vote Stars