Reviews for "Robinson Crusoe: The Game"


This game must be a parody of another game I have played... :D I think it was survival island or island survival II...

This game has life lessons

Here I was praying like a sucker when all I had to do was masturbate.

I bet those cannibals are circumcised because they ate each other's foreskin.

Great game but I have one prob

The graphics are great. I love the humor. But I can't even survive more than 2 to 3 days even though i've tried countless time. I find myself running around trying to scavenge to stay alive. Can we get a good starting tutorial? Something that let's us know what is the best way to start getting a foundation on this deathtrap of an island?


i realy wanted to find wilson xD


i survieved for 10 days . lol lol lol LOL . you can ask me how :D