Reviews for "Robinson Crusoe: The Game"

Great game! It has a learning curve though. Just run around and you'll figure it out.

X-X!!!!!HOW IS THIS GAME HARD!!!!!!just make all buildings and then the castle and hten just tr to wait for the canibals!!!!!!!!its easy its easy and i dont joke!!!!on a easy list on 1 to 10 i say 9.they come so fast make more time!!i set all time to find tools!!!!and when i haved all htey comed and eated me htey suckers get dickholders canibal bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I BEAT IT :D 11/10

I really liked this game, it's a bit hard to get started but then you learn

This Is The most Easiest gaMe 5 out Of 5!! Can This game get aNy Harder??