Reviews for "Robinson Crusoe: The Game"

Love the animation style. And the game style is great. That being said, it was really hard to get going in this game. The little guy's meters go down so fast it's almost impossible to get anything done. But, as was said before...once you really get going it gets easier. :)

this guy is so frking needy in the beginning jeez

Fun! Really hard for about 5 minutes, then pretty simple once you've got the hang of it =)

i love this game it is awesome but its also gay cause the guys on the boat of whatever is NUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG

Why is only Jazza's logo on the game? Also Team Happy Shack has come a long way from Happy Shack to Elvidian! The intro is very well done and very well written. The music is nice but it is repetitive. All the meters go down way too fast. I fill my water meter up and then 10 seconds later I'm dead from not enough water. It's a little too hard for just a 3 day game jam entry.