Reviews for "Robinson Crusoe: The Game"

It's pretty fun and indeed strategic, the only problem is getting INTO the game takes far too long. So many of the resources you need are scattered throughout the map that getting to them all WHILE keeping up your water/food levels becomes a chore, not to mention happiness, which you can't even begin until you find said tools, and since your happiness drops so low, the others start to go down even faster which means you have to spend MORE time hunting for resources just to stave off death rather than focus on thriving. To fix this, why not give the tools in a more enclosed area? Or make the resources slower to drain.

It's a solid game of its genre, and well balanced. The issue is that a player following his instincts(looking for a lake or something) will die two or three times due to dehydration before he finds the river to the far West. Overall definitely solid for a game made in 3 days, especially with the quality art and voice acting.

People nowadays complain if the character dies after investing some minutes understanding how the game works. Immediate and constant wins and increasing dopamine levels is how "successful" games sell today...

Now, in those "successful" games (e.g. most popular RPGs):
- How many times does your character die?
- If your character dies or gets injured, does recovery take a long time?
- Do you often stop to think the best strategy to beat the game?
- Are you having fun, are you really enjoying the game?

If the answer to all these questions is negative and you are not a whining person, then you will find this simple but brilliant game the best thing that you have played for a long time.

I have been coming back here for a few days now, I already built the fort = won the game, but I still wanna raise all the buildings (and get all the medals :).

Well done Jazza, Moonkey, zeedox and ZStriefel.

Any game this unplayable would normally get a half star. However.. This actually has alot of promise if it were toned way way way wayway way way waaaaaaaaay waywayway wayy way waywaywaywaywaywaywaywaywaywaaaaaaaaaywaywaywaywayywaywaywaywaywaywaywaywaywaywaywaaaaaaaaaywaywaywaywayywaywaywaywaywaywaywaywaywaywaywaaaaaaaaaywaywaywaywayywaywaywaywaywaywaywaywaywaywaywaaaaaaaaaywaywaywaywayywaywaywaywaywaywaywaywaywaywaywaaaaaaaaaywaywaywaywayywaywayway.. way. way. waaay, WAAAY down. The game asis, is basically trolling, in terms of how brutal it is. Seriously tone it way down. Two stars.

I LOVE this game I kept dying and I found myself always coming back to try and defeat it. Very well done. Challenging but addictive lol. The graphics are nice too I'm glad I had the chance to change the graphics to a lower level because my laptop is semi slow. Well done! (BTW it's so unbelievable you did this in 3 days, that's just amazing!) The music is very cute too, it's fitting to the game and the voice acting you did makes him sound like hes whining at you and I find it hilarious. "I'm sooo tiredddd."