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Reviews for "Charlie Chocolate Factory"

i like it

this is one of my absolute

tenentenen responds:


Very nice!!

I had fun trying to find all the different combinations. I really liked the backgrounds and music

Great start, potential for a great game.

I really enjoyed this game, I liked the art style, and I think with more time and more work you could turn this into something incredible. Give it more of an adventure theme, let us harvest our ingredients from throughout the factory. Make bigger ingredients from smaller ones that you harvest, and maybe even sell our candy.
Just something to ponder. Golden work for such a small time frame.

tenentenen responds:

I wish we had more time, or were more skilled, and could get more out out the time, but I'm satisfied for now, maybe I'll make something similar later.

add it with magic try magic+magic=???? ???????????

Really Fun!

It needs a mute button though. The music pitch goes high and hurts my ears a bit. Really good game though!

tenentenen responds:

Thanks for your support!