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Reviews for "Charlie Chocolate Factory"

Good book,good game.

If you can update it please add medals like everyone has been saying.Plus more pockets to hold more items.Also I would like to see the unlocking system while keeping the candy list,because that was a great idea.Thanks for making this good game!

tenentenen responds:

I can't update "this" entry, but maybe I'll do another version or something woith more features eventually.

needs some more features

It was nice but it could be better if:
1)put some medals(for every or some candies and other stuff)
2)you make it like bussiness game put money to buy ingrents and stuff

if you put all this it will be great

tenentenen responds:

I agree, but this is a Game jam game, so thats why those features could not be made in time.

I have been looking for a game like this...

for a very long time. I adore the multiple combos and seeing what u get with sugar and magic, (gobstoppers MMMMMM X3) But, i highly reccomend making a sequal or an update, Which in you can:
*Sell your creations and price them properly,
*Choose when u open/shut your store, (F.e, HAve a 24 hr store, or a daily store when u can work overnight.)
*When you have enough money you can spread your buisness
*You should have a mini game where you explore the factory plants for new ingrediants (w.e), example, Click on the purple bush and you get a grape candy herb, then your oompa loompas will continue mining them :3
*Take a look at other combo games, and get ideas, but try to avoid copy rights XD

Good game, its a work in progress :D

tenentenen responds:

Yeah, I'll prolly update/remake it eventually.

Work on this a bit more and it could be great!

Any chance you'll work on this project a bit more? It's a great idea, it's kind of fun figuring out the combinations and seeing what you get, but we need to be able to save the game and maybe even make candies with more than 2 ingredients. I know this was for the 72 hour thing, and now that it's over you might just forget about this project, but I think with some more work it could be a 10 instead of a 6.

tenentenen responds:

Yeah. I'm going to expand on the idea eventually. with combinations that you combine to make more combinations, and such, and unlockables, just not durrning the game jam.

For 72 hours is very nice

I like it, maybe with more time for code, you can add medals and levels, but is a good idea

tenentenen responds:

Yeah. I wish we hd more time. the was "unlocking ingredients" in the plans, but we ran out of time.

Thanks for your review.