Reviews for "Second Star to the Right"

Great game!

easily one of the best submitted to the competition so far!

Skeik-Sprite responds:

Thanks haha


Good and well done and everyting.... but wayyyyy too easy i beat it in less than 4 minutes... and im a bad gamer..... but great work with Pan though the sizing should have been a bit smaller cus part of the words are covered in the start and the end. though i didnt understand the boss stage, all i did was shoot for 10 seconds and a alligator ate him..... idk, i want answers please.


am i supposed to just kill everything with my blue fairy semen? cause i thought the indians an shit were your homies.

Excellent Game

Very fun game that has great graphics and sound. Medals that can be achieved and actually work. You and your friends have done an excellent job. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Keep up the good work.

didn't get hit once!