Reviews for "Second Star to the Right"


but the main theme is kind of ....

for childs
really good artwork


This is definitely my favorite game out of all the competition. The player can control Pan smoothly, and I like the overall effect once you get a lot of fairies. The bad thing about this is fairies seem to be random. In my three games, I had two where I got at least five fairies, but for the other one, I only found two before I died a fair way into the Neverland part. Perhaps change it so you get at least three fairies at predefined points, and leave the rest up to random numbers. Also, Wallross says the game is too easy. I disagree. I've never beaten it yet :P

Besides that, the music's great, and Hook's laugh is worth a chuckle. It would have been nice to see what you could have done with those extra 24 hours, but regardless, this is a real decent game.

great game

I hope you will make a longer one in the future

Not bad

Not bad. I don't like that the fairy spawns are random. I've played 6/7 games now, only beaten the game twice. Never seen more than 2 fairies (including the one you find at the beginning of the game). And as soon as you fail to kill one of the major enemies at the bottom of the screen, you spend the rest of the game just dodging because there is no way to get back down there to kill one of them.

Skeik-Sprite responds:

I understand the frustration. Finding a sweet spot where the fairies don't spawn too often and don't spawn too few is something I struggled with.

Very good!

I liked it, a shooter like old ones. Very good designed and entertaining.

Some things you need now if you make a second part, more levels, achievements, upgrade system and some new bosses.

Good word, keep it up.