Reviews for "Second Star to the Right"

It did...

looked promising since it IS in the frontpage, but meh... you could've done better

Cute, however...

...while I think the game is overall cute and a funny idea for a shooter. I noticed that while I could move diagonally upwards, I could not move diagonally downwards. So it was either horizontally, or downwards, not both. That was a bit annoying.


am i supposed to just kill everything with my blue fairy semen? cause i thought the indians an shit were your homies.

not the best, but not the worst

Overall, I found the game to be very repetitive, but it's a side scrolling shooter, that's just how they are made. The gameplay itself is very fluid, the controls are very simple to use as well. The art style used in this game is very good, it is really smooth. When you get to the Neverland part, the background never changes, it's just still, that's something I'd work on. What I could suggest to make this better, would maybe have checkpoints, instead of when you die you have to start all over again. Also, when you get better with flash, I'd suggest maybe short little cutscenes to show players what's going on. Overall, a 7 out of 10 in my opinion.


Good and well done and everyting.... but wayyyyy too easy i beat it in less than 4 minutes... and im a bad gamer..... but great work with Pan though the sizing should have been a bit smaller cus part of the words are covered in the start and the end. though i didnt understand the boss stage, all i did was shoot for 10 seconds and a alligator ate him..... idk, i want answers please.