Reviews for "Second Star to the Right"


I must say the blue outlines make it seem like an NES color scheme and the smoke from the enimies look like The Wind Waker! But thats unecisary stuff about the game. What I like is the fact that Peter Pan in a space shooter envrionment is really interesting. The power ups the fairies the enimies it's adorable.

Keep it up guys!

Good Job

Short and sweet, pretty easy but all in all pretty enjoyable

@Irolan, could be a problem with your keyboard. My laptop has a problem where I can't move up left or down right while holding the Z key, annoyingly common problem for me


this can turn into something funny. For one, Seems like Peter Pan ate a Mexican food, or having a digestive problem.

Ok, enough with irrelevancy
The track is good, it fits the game, especially the art. The game is easy and short.
And I like when you said that Peter Pan can't read. Bet not many people see that one coming.

Excellent Game

Very fun game that has great graphics and sound. Medals that can be achieved and actually work. You and your friends have done an excellent job. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Keep up the good work.

Not bad, but a bit easy

Once you've got the first few fairies it's kind of a curb stomp. I liked the music selection, although it's hard to go wrong with the OST from the Chrono series.

It's pretty well made, although it would have received a higher score from me if it were a bit more difficult and longer.