Reviews for "Second Star to the Right"

good game

good game, but I cant pause the game...

Was alright

It was kinda fun, and the colors popped off the game. But it was too easy. By my 3rd faerie, nothing stood a chance. And why is Peter Pan killing birds, bats, and mermaids? Not to mention native Americans.

fun space shooter but too easy

good controls
cool atmosphere
Repetitive, same thing all the way through
too easy, you can mostly just hold down Z and sit in one spot to get through the whole game and once you get 4 fairies your invincible
Decision 7/10
a good game for being made in 48 hours but the repetitiveness and overpowered main character coupled with the fact that you could just sit at the bottom of the screen for the levels and just out of range for the boss make it get boring fast

Simple, yet effective

The simplicity of the game is one of the greatest strengths of this submission. Music is awesome. The graphics are a little pixelated and could be improved but minimally draws away from the design as a whole. Good stuff

Probably the best Game Jam game I've played EVER.

This plays out like an actual game, instead of something that's made in a certain amount of time. I hope you guys make another one, because it's worth it.