Reviews for "Second Star to the Right"


It was fun but way to easy, i killed hook without even getting hit and hardly moving. Just stook to the top lef pf the screen so he couldnt get me but i could get him. But it has pleasent looking art and i like how the fairy's shoot with you as a an add on to being a health unit. but it get repeditive and over all was fun and short

Good graphics.

The graphics are pleasant but kind of rough on your eyes after a few minutes. As far as the gameplay goes, it's kind of repetative.

This game could really use a pause button and health bar.


I enjoyed it for a short game, but I think a story along with it would have been nice. Like, it didn't show him getting the kids, it didn't even show the kids until the game was over. Also, it moved a little too slow for me. I got extremely aggravated quickly. And the sounds the fairies made when they shot was terribly ear paining. My last complaint was that it was too easy and poorly animated. When the alligator eats C. Hook, he doesn't even express shock. He stays the same the entire time. As for a boss, he was too easy. The cannon balls shot in the same place every time. It was easy to get the medals. Especially since the faeries never flew off the screen and it was easy to dodge the enemies. I didn't die once in this game. The fact of this being a short game is what made me give you a 6. Also the music was nice, and Peter Pan was a nice drawing. Please upgrade this game though. It has many flaws.

Fairly nice

This was a pretty good game to play, if only because it had a very simplistic theme to it. Probably the thing about this I liked the least was how there was no health bar. You had to start over from the beginning if you died once. The animation is okay, I can just tell it wasn't made in the longest of times. I don't know what the title means, but I'm being too nitpicky. I am glad to conclude my reviews of this NG Game Jam.

It's done a good job of showing how well we can do given a short amount of time. Give this game some training and you should be able to beat it. The designs of the characters and such were pretty good. You can't believe how cocky you can get with beating Captain Hook at the end. I find it weird how Peter Pan has blue hair.

decent game i guess

it easy and short for a shooter game, and the last boss, i can stand still and hit him until he die, there a hole on the shooting of the cannons. The shooting sound is pretty stressting, but any way, it a nice work, just need to tune up here and there a little, good job