Reviews for "Second Star to the Right"

it's okay

This game is already. It took me the 3rd try to get to hook and beat him. Basically you can't get yourself hit or else you won't have as much fire power to win. :D

Good fun!

Cute and fun yet different than what I expected.


nice, but nothign really unique to it.

Not bad

Simple side-scrolling shooter with a powerup.

Boss was a bit of a let-down tho... I'm not sure if I just beat him too quickly, or if he was just that easy....

I recognized thew music right away, and I am glad you gave it credit.

Chrono Cross Ftw.

Anyway, thanks for sharing.

SO! :D

After seeing you had used my remix in your game, I just had to try it out--even though I don't log on Newgrounds for the games.

All in all, pretty basic shooter series. I agree that the boss was pretty easy if you had leveled up enough. But it was a fun little shooter game. And I liked the concept behind the animation.

Fun stuff ^_^