Reviews for "The three bears"


This was indeed a nice game, fun and all. A small suggestion, Enabling medals perhaps?? that would really give it that replayability factor!! Nicely done guys!!

SantoNinoDeCebu responds:

Hey, thanks!

Yeah i actually decided not to put medals in as I didn't feel there was enough game worth putting them in for! If we update the game in anyway I will add a medal or 2 in!


this is funny and charmning!

look. I didn't beat it yet, but i'll try many more times some other time.

This is so funny. I like how the bears complain when you eat their food.
And the music is peaceful while the atmosphere is vulgar, HAHHAAH.
And the speed saved my life once! HAHAH SO FUNNNNNNNYYYYY

Thumbs up

Of all the submissions I've seen in Game Jam 5, this has been the most entertaining and fun. But maybe I haven't tried them all yet. I thought it was really well done, especially within the time frame given good sir.

So anyways, I heard there's gonna be some Goldilochs and Pedobear action.
Bow chica

Great game...

You won't know how pissed off I got when I couldn't finish it.


yesterday i played this for an hour and nothing today i winged it and right away won wtf!!

and haha pedobear =D