Reviews for "The three bears"


The bears are too fast and it takes a year to eat the damn porridge and the munching noise she makes makes me want to punch a baby.

did it

Got all the porridge and broke all the chair but then what do I do

SantoNinoDeCebu responds:

you go to bed!

I want to like it but unforgivingly difficult

-made me laugh
-good concept really makes me want to like it
-controls work well enough
-the difficulty, once the bears get fast the game becomes an ultimate challenge why im not normally one to complain about difficulty this was unfair most of the time, the bears get so fast avoiding them becomes impossible and if you are in one room and papa bear walks in and mama bear is on the other side you have no chance to survive
-you can get stuck on to many objects and be killed cheaply
-Papa bears circle is too big if your trapped in a room with pap bear blocking you you can't escape even on full speed
Decision 5/10
I really want to like this game and when i started and Papa bear yelled about goldilocks eating the porridge i laughed but then i was unfairly killed killed over and over again and i just couldn't like it. Good game for the amount of time you had to make it but if you ever revisit this game just take away the randomness and make things alittle easier


I Liked This Game But It Was Pretty Short. It Would Be Much Better If There Were Levels Though

awesome ... almost

this is an awesome game that just needs to be improved a little... with the vicious looks of the bears i expected when they caught me to be ravagedly eaten or some adjective to describe being eaten horribly... unless its supposed to be a childrens game...