Reviews for "The three bears"

not a bad game BUUUUT

motherfuckin tweaker bear.

It was easy!

just eat 4 porridges and u cant break the chairs, eat the last two as u smash the chairs. once uve eaten all the porridges and broken all the chairs, go to their bed and sleep and YOU WIN!
TIP: wen the bears are goin towards u, just go to wer dey went. i dey run to u, run to them until ur out of der sight range.

oh and they wer fast so i gave it a 9 ^_^

dah stupid bullshit

this is fucking inpossible though th artwork was good ill givit a 3

this is not really all that great

I find the bears are way too fast not to mention if they come at you from all angles for no reason at all. If you get caught between two of them it is game over. the controls seem a little slugish and the music is one god awful loop. There is no safe spot to stop in the game to think out a way around them if they had a pattern.
The art is ok, but most of the animations are just bland. Goldy looks like she is giving a bj whenever she is eating the crud.
Next time try making the game a bit easier and work on getting in some more music.

Good game but you can't fuckin win

This would be coo if I can fuckin win it. The bears are fast, and why is they viewing bubble to wide? I hate when they all com in one direction. Not only do you have to eat the poridge but you have to smash chairs too.